"NINJA DANCE" Special Physical Edition

GYZE 10th anniversary singles "the NINJA" !
This is the Ninja-Do(忍者道) of GYZE!
(1th Oct 00:00 JST~ On Sale)

It is a luxurious privilege bundle version sold only at the official shop!

Track list

 Special Physical Edition are...
"Digipak CD"

"6.2oz Premium Cotton Light Hooded LS T-shirt"
"10th anniversary brass pendant(Silver)"


* This product  will take about a week from your order to ship.
Important notice regarding new GYZE products.

Thank you for always supporting GYZE.

Regarding the Special Physical Edition of 2 works which started selling from 1th Oct.
"Digipack CD"

"6.2oz Premium Cotton Light Hoodie"

"10th Anniversary Metal Plate "


We mentioned that it is sold as a 3-piece set.
But The "6.2oz Premium Cotton Light Hoodie" was unreliable to call it a hoodie, it was like a thin hooded LS T-shirt.
Also, if you recognize it as a hoodie, it is a fairly tight size.
Please choose one size larger.

Along with that, we will make a major price revision.
In addition, all members will be autographed on all hoodies with gratitude for the 10th anniversary!


"NINJA DANCE" "GOD SAMURAI NINJA" Special Physical Edition price ¥ 7.500 → ¥ 5.000
and ¥ 1.000 cash back for customers who purchase both works.

* For customers who have already purchased ,the CD and metal plate will be sent in advance and the difference will be refunded.
And then send the shirt again after the signature is completed.

Customers who wish to cancel will be treated individually.


We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

"NINJA DANCE" Special Physical Edition