GYZE 10th anniversary single the first !

GYZE will release a single for 3 consecutive months starting in January 2021 to commemorate their 10th anniversary.

The other day, We made the best start with the announcement of the return of SHUJI (Dr).

The official release date of each work has been announced today!

・ "Samurai Metal" / January 27
・ "Voyage Of The Future" /  February 24
・ "Oriental Symphony" /  March 24


"Samurai Metal" will be available and on sale from January 27!

As a special guest in this MV are...

Marc Hudson (Dragonforce)
Juuso / Joona / Eero (Battle Beast)
Nils Courbaron (Sirenia)
Felipe Munoz (Frosttide)
Mika Lammassaari (MORS SUBITA)
Pedro / Almedia (A & amp; p-REACTS)

Such gorgeous members are making cameo appearances!

This work group is mainly distributed and released by various subscriptions,

but CD + luxury benefits are included only in the official online store

It seems that "Special Physical Edition" will be on sale!

This time, as a bonus, a "premium T-shirt" and a "warm mask" with the same design as the one worn by Aruta (Ba), who is the main vocalist of this work in the MV, will be included!


Also, we seem to be planning "something" to commemorate the 10th anniversary!

Don't miss our surprise, who have been active in our own rules for 10 years!